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The Nike Vapor 9.5 tennis shoes is a great selection for any serious Tennis player, let’s make that clear right away. If they are good enough forRoger Federer and the pros, sure they are good enough for you. But let’s see what these Tennis shoes have to offer, considering the affordable tag price they got here.

We’ll have a look at its tech specs, performance, comfort, durability, and materials then decide if it’s worth the price.

      • Shoes: Nike Vapor 9.5   
      • Weight: 12.5 oz / 354 gr
      • Type: Sneaker
      • Technologies: Nike Vapor 9.5
      • Retail Price: From $95
      • Fit: Narrow
      • My Rating:9/10
      • Available Colors: 19
      • Best Places to Buy: Amazon

    THE TECHNike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes Review

    The shoes are on the narrower side. The heel provides a snug and secure fit.


    The heel tab provides easy access to a full bootie construction, keeping the foot comfortable and secure.

    The Air units in the forefoot and heel provide responsive cushioning and impact absorption during strong-impact such as sprints if you have to quickly change direction.

    Midsole offers lightweight responsive cushioning that returns energy to your next step.

    The rubber pattern on the outsole for perfect court traction and the visible midfoot shank allows for a great transition into each step.


    Fit And Comfort

    As said the shoes are well fitting and gel well with your foot with breathability and ventilation for when you sweat well reduced.Very comfortable right from the box.


    To me, the support is great although some say the support is not as good.they are just high enough to support your ankles in any awkward quick turns.


    Many feel that the Vapor 9.5 has low-quality fabric material although ensures good breathability it tears too fast compared to other Nike Tennis shoes.

    Now not all people use shoes the same way but this is s point to remember. So before you purchase, remember durability is an issue to many.


    Cushioning is probably the weakest aspect of the Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis shoes, even though it ’s a very good pair of shoes. Let`s say the cushioning in Asics Gel solution.

    Quality And Price

    At $100 upwards, the materials could be better, comfort is perfect although the shoes are more on the narrower side, traction is, in our opinion, the highest scorer for these shoes with just the right grip. Weight is another real positive for Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes.

    The shoes may not be for everyone and the quality could be improved but they are perfect for some serious Tennis matches(other NikeTennis shoes explained here). Quick game? these are the perfect shoes.

    Pros And Cons  Of Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes

  • Like any pair of shoes out there, Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes also has it`s weaker sides so let`s check the good and the bad in this must have sneaker shoes for tennis.Pros
        • Many colors to choose from
        • Really light and comfortable
        • Good grip
        • Traction is great
        • Affordable
        • Affordable


        • Lack of durability

    Best Place To Buy Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes

    You can buy these shoes at your local sports goods store if you are shopping online there are different online vendors like to shop from but Amazon is the best place to buy Nike sports shoes.

    Benefits of Buying from Amazon

        • You can read reviews before you buy.
        • Easy and secure shopping.
        • Free returns if you do not like the product
        • Free shipping


  • Alternatives
  • Of course, you can buy Nike alternatives online or offline, has a selection of quality tennis shoes at affordable prices.
  • Conclusion On Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes
  • hope this  Nike Vapor 9.5 Tennis Shoes Review will help you make an informed decision when shopping for your next tennis shoes.If you have any questions, please leave me a message below, would like to hear from you.

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