Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All-day

Find the Best Shoe inserts for people standing all day

A few professionals are required to stand all day, or at least through the significant part of their working day, this means their feet hurt a lot and they should definitely get the best shoe inserts for standing all day to reduce the strain and reduce muscle fatigue. The strain on the feet and knees […]

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How To Start Running When Overweight


One of the great things about running is that it’s cheap and anyone can do it. It’s also a great way to burn some serious calories. Unlike what Nike, Adidas, and what the media advertise most of the time, runners come in all shapes and sizes so forget the lean fit likes of Mo Farrah […]

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Best Shoe Stretcher[with multiple uses]

Best Shoe Stretcher image

You know the feeling, the lovely shoes are on the narrow side and pinching your feet. You can still use a shoe stretcher to increase inches both in width and length in your shoes without damage, this post will look at some of the best shoe stretchers in the market. What is a shoe stretcher? […]

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Asics Men’s Gel Venture 6 Running Shoe Review

asics men's gel venture 6 running shoe review

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5 Price: $$ Owners: ASICS Website: Customer Rating: Over 15,000 shoppers gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon   The Asics men’s gel venture 6 running shoe is the runner’s top choice when it comes to running shoes. Gel Venture is Asics most stable running shoe. […]

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How To Clean Tennis Shoes[With The Best Results]

How To Clean Tennis Shoes with best results

You`ve used your sneakers and now they need some attention to make them as shiny as new again and you`re wondering how to clean tennis shoes without damaging them. Well, this post is for you. There is no denying that tennis shoes are expensive. Nowadays, they are made from materials that are different from conventional […]

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