How To Clean Tennis Shoes[With The Best Results]

Cross Training Shoes/ October 27, 2020/ General/ 4 comments

You`ve used your sneakers and now they need some attention to make them as shiny as new again and you`re wondering how to clean tennis shoes without damaging them. Well, this post is for you. There is no denying that tennis shoes are expensive. Nowadays, they are made from materials that are different from conventional canvas fabric. Therefore, traditional methods

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The Best Chafing Creams For Athletes

Cross Training Shoes/ October 10, 2020/ General/ 2 comments

For non-athletes, maybe you`ve never had irritated, cracked, and chaffed skin that`s prevalent in cyclists and long-distance runners. The best chafing creams on this post will help by being a protective barrier on and around affected skin. Due to strenuous exercise or activities such as cycling, running, and lack of moisture, chances of chafed skin with blisters, soreness, chapping are

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Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ October 4, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 6 comments

Toe-tight shoes are very uncomfortable, especially in running or training. This leads to chafing and blisters on the feet. Runners believe that wide toe-box shoes enhance the efficiency of the run. Running shoes should be comfortable, if your toe and feet are constantly squeezed and rubbing during a jog, run, or a workout, this will be very uncomfortable and a

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Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ October 1, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 4 comments

Whether you are a marathoner, love running long distances, or even spend most of the day working while standing, all you need is comfortable shoes. Wearing thick-padded shoes that fit properly provides maximum foot comfort. If you want to keep your feet pain-free from blisters, here are the top cushioned running shoes that will make it a reality. These are

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