Babolat Tennis racquets For power, control in tennis

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

Most beginners merely look at the price or brand name when they go to purchase a tennis racquet. At the best, they may hold it and check whether they are comfortable gripping it and try swinging movements with it. Effectively, they have only focused on comfort in holding the racquet when they are not playing the game.

Under every brand name, there are portfolios of tennis racquets that are designed for different types of game. Tennis players do differ in their games. Some are better with the net game, while others are more into powerful serve and volley games. Yet others may focus on placing the ball during a serve.

But natural inclination in shot selection differs from one player to another. Quite often, it is the opponent who forces the player to turn to a net game or serve and volley games, against such natural tendencies. To that extent, all players have all types of shots in their repertoire.  Accordingly, the same tennis racquet should be good for net game as well as some powerful strokes.

In addition, factors such as strength in arm and wrists come into play. Tennis racquets are also designed differently for different levels of proficiency in the game.  There is a general misconception that a tennis racquet designed to give power is divorced from control. Here is a brief guide on how to select a tennis racquet, if you want both power and control.

Babolat Tennis Racquets For power, control in tennis And More

It is necessary to understand the variations possible in tennis racquet that can be tweaked or combinations selected for getting power and control.

The variables in tennis racquet are  Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

  • Size of head;

It is believed that large sized tennis racquet head offers more power.  So a racquet with head ranging from 107 square inches to 135 square inches would be classified as power tennis racquet.

Normal racquets have head sizes that are between 94 square inches to 106 or 107 square inches.  Tennis racquets with head size ranging from 85 square inches to 94 square inches would be classified as control racquet rather than power racquets.

Selecting a racquet that is of an average size considering both control as well as power sized racquets would show a bias towards upper limits of normal racquets.

  • Handle/ grip system

This is crucial because it adds to the weight of the racquet. In power racquets, the swing is important. Therefore, weight is oriented towards the head. Another factor to be considered is grip size. People differ in their grip sizes.  Larger handles obviously add weight and that can reduce the power.

New technologies help players absorb any shocks that are felt because of power racquet at the hand level, without causing any injuries to wrists or arms. Power racquets invariably lead to some shocks or vibrations, which need to be absorbed.

  • Stringing pattern

Open type of stringing ensures that there is enough spin, whereas as closed type of stringing is for control. Power in tennis racquet is there more if the stringing is an open type.  Strings are pulled tightly so they break fast as well.  Densely strung racquets have 18 x 20 stringing pattern, whereas openly strung tennis racquets have 16 x 18 stringing pattern.

  • Racquet length   

Babolat Pure Control 2014-2015 Tennis Racquet (4-5/8)

A power racquet should also be long. Therefore, the length of a power racquet varies from 27 inches to 29 inches. A normal racquet is only about 27 inches long. Therefore, anything longer than that qualifies as power racquet because it is possible to swing it more.

  • Racquet weight

To get the power, the racquet should also be light weight. This means it should weigh anywhere between 8 ounces to 9 ounces. There can be variations in this. Some racquets are “head heavy”, and others are head light.

  • Proportion of head to handle system;

In Babolat racquets that are designed for power, the head is larger and its weight is also more though the stringing pattern is open.  This means it is the frame and head size that contributes to the weight with very little weight coming from the stringing.

Though the length of this racquet is more, handle part is smaller. This design ensures that the head can be easily swung and such swinging generates the desired power and speed.

  •  Stiffness of the racquet’s frame.

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet (4-3/8),Babolat Tennis racquets

Contrary to popular belief, stiffer tennis racquets tend to offer more power in the game. No energy is lost when the ball hits the stiffer head. Correspondingly, the flexible racquets offer more control in comparison to stiffer tennis racquets.

Though technical conclusions are these, people differ in their reflexes and swiftness. Therefore, if you are swift, you might be able to generate more power even in racquets that have flexible frames.  Likewise, players with arms problems or shoulder problems might be better off with tennis racquets that have flexible frames.

There is a measure for flexibility.  Racquets ranked as 100 in terms of flexibility are stiff racquets, whereas those closer to 45 or so are flexible racquets.

Power Tennis Racquets With Enough Control

Image result for rafael nadal


Obviously, professional tennis players prefer control racquets, which are opposite to power tennis racquets, i.e., they have smaller heads, heavier heads, and closed stringing patterns, among other things.

But that said, power tennis racquets are usually associated only with beginners or those who are not very good tennis players as yet.

That said, buying a racquet that offers best of both worlds is perhaps the best solution. Brands like Babolat and Yonex have several racquets that claim to be power as well as control racquets.  Babolat tennis racquets are very popular in Europe, with professionals such as Rafael Nadal, and David Ferrer being users of such racquets.

Babolat tennis racquets designed to generate power do not have large heads as would be expected. Most of these racquets have head size that is less than 100 square inches.

This brand of tennis racquet makes up for the loss in power because of that head size by adding other features such as

1-String count.

String count has been changed from standard 16 x 18 pattern to 16 x 19. This pattern offers some control on the game and yet is not standard dense stringing pattern


The length of these racquets is also slightly more than the length in normal tennis racquets, i.e., most of these racquets are about 27.5 inches long.


Babolat has also varied the weight from 9.8 ounces to 11.03 ounces, effectively making some of the racquets a tad heavier for better control.

In general though, these racquets from Babolat can be termed to be control racquets rather than power racquets though they can be used as power racquets as well.

Power tennis racquets are designed for beginners as they make the game interesting. They are affordable as well. But in the long run, you needs to develop control game too.

Ideally, a power tennis racquet that can be used as control racquet as well would be the right choice. Babolat’s range of tennis racquets such as Babolat AeroPro Team, AeroPro Lite, AeroPro Drive, etc., fall in that ideal category.

You can purchase Babolat racquets in different offline or online stores, but the best place to buy online would be Amazon as they have a range of different makes and models to choose from, not only that but Amazon do offer free shipping.Click here to purchase your Babolat tennis racquet online or any other models of your choice

Click here to purchase your Babolat tennis racquet online or any other models of your choice

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  1. I used a Babolat racquet throughout high school and college. I tried countless racquets until finally settling on my Babolat Pure Drive Plus.

    You’re absolutely right that Babolat provides a nice blend of power and control. My shots were more crisp, my servers were harder, and I felt like I had better control of both location and spin.

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