How To Chose The Best Tennis Racquet

Introduction To The Best Tennis Racquets

When players from beginners, recreational to professionals talk about the best tennis racquet they usually define it as the amount of speed their racquet gives the ball of any given swing.

The best tennis racquets for power tend to channel stroke strength better than most and while the upside is that shots may come off as high-velocity rockets, the chances of the ball landing outside the line also increase.

Similar to other racquet sports such as squash and badminton, the whole point of a tennis power racquet is to hit the ball as hard as possible(but with skill, not over hitting and overpowering the ball) giving little chance for the other player to react.

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Power usually boils down to two major elements: the head size of the racquet, the racquet length and the size of the “sweet spot”

Of course, there are other factors that can affect a racquet’s power potential value; But before we get there, you may like to have a look at an earlier post where tennis racquets are explained in detail here.

  • The weight of the racquet in combination with the flexibility of the swinger’s hands,
  • The balance of the swinger as it influences the axis of the racquet,
  • The construction, design and the material that the racquet is made of. These all combine to hit the ball with the greatest possible velocity usually at the expense of control. We’ll take a look at 3 similar racquets in the power spectrum that imparts the greatest energy on the ball.

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Tennis Racquet For Power
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Babolat Aero 112

The Babolat is one of the best tennis racquets for power. Offering big power and even bigger comfort, the Aero 112 delivers consistent performance even when shots don’t come off the sweet spot.

Extensive testing reveals easy net clearance and huge power. From base to tip this ergonomic stick feels stable and yet still lively. Check more on Tennis racquet technologies here. 

Coming under 10 ounces, the feather-light Aero 112 is one of the most comfortable racquets in Babolat’s product range.

With its extended length (27.5″), this stick will not only help you swing faster, but it will also give you serious power on full swings.This racquet works well for recreational tennis players of all levels.

The head size ensures that power and comfort remain high even when contact isn’t ideal, and the speedy response combined with the open string pattern ensure you’re able to impart heavy spin to your shots.

With its top-heavy balance and liberal hitting area, this racquet is perfect for volleying.

Huge power available to aggressive net players looking to finish points with a bang. Needless to mention, it is one of the most abundant tennis racquets and that means in addition to its power specifications, it is also fairly easy on the pockets.

Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet Grip Size: 4 3/8
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Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet  

The Liquidmetal 8 is a solid choice for players looking for a game improvement racquet offering plenty of control and some decent power.

Head utilizes a proprietary technology called Total Sweetspot Construction incorporating a corrugated construction to further increase stability in the racquet head all in an effort to give the racquet greater power.

The Liquidmetal 8 imparts a diminished feel during play and is comfortable enough to make it a top contender for best tennis racquet for power. Easily maneuverable, the Liquidmetal 8 is perfect for players with medium swing lengths.

From all areas of the court, we found the Liquidmetal 8 to be very stable for such a light racquet – helped by an almost even balance. Intermediate players will find greater control by adding more spin to their shots with the Liquidmetal 8.

Best Tennis Racquet For Power
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Babolat Drive 115      

The 2017 edition Drive 115makes a sound choice for seasoned double players wanting a light oversize racquet with an impressive level of power and comfort.

At 27.6 inches in length, the Drive 115 provides added leverage for easier access to both pace and spin. With its large 115 square inch head, this is one of the most powerful and unforgiving racquets in Babolat’s line.Check how to put a topspin on a tennis ball here.

From the baseline, compact strokes deliver plenty of depth. Skilled players who can swing this one fast will witness the shots return at express pace.

At close range, the Drive 115’s maneuverability and fast hitting area make volleying child’s play.

Finally, the combination of extended length and light weight make serving a blast, literally making it one of the best tennis racquet for power.

While you won’t go wrong with picking any of these options in your quest for the best tennis racquet for power, each racquet requires a certain level of experience in unlocking their full potential.

The dynamic Babolat Aero 112 is better suited for strong beginners to intermediate level players. Offering a great middle ground between power and balance.

The Head Liquidmetal 8 is always a solid option for intermediate level players or beginners looking to take their game to the next level..You can check my earlier post on choosing tennis racquets here if you missed it.

Best Place To Buy

There are different places to buy tennis racquets for any level you are at your tennis game, from your local sports goods store to online vendors so the choice is yours really.

I do find Amazon has the best prices when looking for online vendors, not only the price but Amazon have free shipping and if you`re not happy with the racquet, there is always a refund policy.You can Click here to View at Amazon

Conclusion on The Best Tennis Racquet For Power

Even though it delivers the greatest reward, the unforgiving Babolat Drive 115 is best left to seasoned pros and senior players on the professional circuit.

But after all is said and done, you have to find your own game and what tennis racquet suits you, there are many racquets in the market that covering them all will take time but I’m doing my best.

I`d like to hear from you, have you tried any of the above racquets? what was your experience and would you recommend any of them?Whih one do you consider to be the best tennis racquet and what makes you feel it`s the best?leave me a message below.


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