Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 Running Shoes

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Product Name: Brooks Women’s Levitate 2

Overall Ranking: 4.4 out of 5

Price: $102.23 – $283.07  

Owners: Brooks Sports Inc., also known as Brooks Running




Brooks has a good range of women`s running shoes that offer speed, support, and cushioning for any terrain running shoes. Comfortable, breathable and performance-oriented women`s road running shoes are also available. But, this post will be about Brooks women`s Levitate 2 running shoes.

Introduction To Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 Running ShoesBrooks Women Levitate 2 Running shoes

Brooks introduced Brooks Levitate a couple of years ago with a new spin on its traditional midsole formula. The traditional formula used polyurethane (PU) midsole that offered responsive cushioning and durability.

This only made possible when the PU foam isn’t being damaged by exposure to moisture and light.

This soft PU foam is encapsulated as a core within a much thicker skin. The sideways compression of the shoe, unlike most of the foam-based midsoles, is contained during the loading.

Foam-based are heavy and fallen out of favor. That is why it was daring of Brooks to choose PU for their midsole material. The thick covering of DNA AMP adds to the ride quality.

It also creates an enhanced sensation of vertical rebound. It creates swift and efficient responsiveness as well as cushioning turnover.

DNA AMP Technology

The brilliant Brooks DNA AMP technology is all about deflection and energy recycling. The Brooks DNA AMP is a better version of the Brooks DNA.  

The DNA AMP cushioning technology consists of a composite that is manufactured using two different materials. Both of these materials complement each other. The PU foam acts as a cushion and the outer skin provide support to help firm responsiveness. 

Brooks Levitate 2 uses the same midsole. It means the ride quality is the same. The upper, however, is new. The heel and midfoot have been updated which changed the shoe’s aesthetics and its fit.

The Levitate 2 has the midsole material uniformly spread that gives a smoother ride. The molded foam insole of this shoe gives its resilient midsole a soft tapping.  

The outsole is very generously grooved. It still lacks a bit of flexibility specifically under the forefoot. The firmness of the DNA AMP makes this shoe resistant to flexing. 

They have discarded the regular rubber for outsoles and now use translucent rubber. It doesn’t make any difference to the ride quality.  

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With its dense and supportive cushioning, this shoe is good for weight loading. 

Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 Running Shoes Pros

  • The Brooks Levitate 2 has a fantastic fit.Brooks women`sLevitate 2 undersole
  • This shoe is very comfortable. 
  • The design is good.  
  • Levitate 2 has added the Achilles protector which you will appreciate.
  • The midsole is responsive and provides great cushioning.
  • The padded tongue is well appreciated by wearers.
  • The shoe runs true to size.
  • The upper gives a sock-like fit. The Levitate 2 is nimble and flexible. 
  • The shoe has a roomy toe box.
  • The shoe helps keep the foot in proper alignment.
  • It has a smooth and stable ride.
  • The soft foam core and thick outer covering combo produce a lot of vertical rebounds. 
  • The firm ride is very supportive, smooth, and very efficient.
  • The shoe is versatile.  

Brooks Levitate 2 Cons

  • The shoes are a bit heavy.
  • The foot feels quite hot due to lack of proper ventilation. 
  • The shoe takes longer to dry out if it gets wet. 
  • Despite the Levitate 2s upper having a smooth and secure fit, the heel doesn’t fit well as it should. 
  • This shoe model doesn’t offer optional widths.  

Who Is Brooks Levitate 2 Most Suitable For?

It is suitable for casual and new runners who only run a couple of days a week. It is best for medium to short-distance runners, especially for slower to moderate running paces but works well for heavy runners too.

Brooks Levitate 2 Overview

Brooks Levitate was launched in 2017 and proved to be a roaring success by being ranked as one of the top new shoe launches of the year from Runners World. 

Now Levitate 2 has arrived after about a year with new updates and a new range of exciting colors. Brooks Levitate 2 is a luxurious and reliable training shoe. It is built for comfort and maximum energy return. 

The upper part of the Levitate 2 has been tweaked by adding a new knit pattern, an internal bootie configuration, and a knit heel collar. All these features are added to get a comfortable and dynamic fit. 

The biggest update is around the heel. A new soft foam heel is designed which is tab wrapped in faux-suede. This is done to reduce irritation from Achilles tendon. The previously much thicker heel-collar has been updated in a positive move.

Good Wrap, Gente, And Snug

The shoe has a snug fit in the heel and midfoot. The new upper and the added internal bootie configuration helps to wrap the foot gently from inside out. Feet are comfortably secured to the midsole and outsole chassis

Brooks levitate 2 is equipped with a seamless interior and a pliable knit material in its forefoot. This pair gives an exquisite-feeling and fit which allows the toes to splay and flex. (learn more about shoe knit materials here)

The shoe ride is springy and flexible. It offers incredible energy return in each step. This sensation comes from the DNA AMP midsole.

It is a compound that is made from polyurethane which is securely encased in a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin. TPU resists outward expansion and helps direct all the energy upward into the toe.

The shoe is meant to do short tempo runs, recovery, and long runs. The shoe is very well cushioned but the cushioning is firmer than the traditional cushion. That firmness adds to the responsiveness.

The shoe has proper room in its toe-box. It is designed for road running covering up to marathon distance. The heel drop is neither minimum or maximum. Despite its light look, the shoe feels heavy.

The Levitate 2 delivers ultra-dynamic strides. The flexible structure allows neutral pronators to transition quickly without sacrificing energy. 

Brooks Women’s Levitate 2  Stats

Please remember the stats are for women running shoes, men`s might be a bit different

  • Weight:250 Grams
  • Heel Cushioning: medium
  • Flexibility: Medium-Good(depends)
  • Energy return: Good

Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 running shoes at a glance 

Product Name: Brooks Women’s Levitate 2

Overall Ranking: 4.4 out of 5

Price: $102.23 – $283.07  

Owners: Brooks Sports Inc., also known as Brooks Running


Check user reviews here

Brooks Levitate 2 Final Verdict

This is an impressive training shoe. Although I did not include this pair in our recommended running shoes, I guess soon I`ll have to add it to the list. It fits in most must-haves I prefer when comparing running shoes as mentioned here.

The fit and performance of this shoe are well-appreciated. The new improvements are well-received.

Despite some criticisms regarding its weight and the inside environment, the majority still came to the conclusion that this shoe is a worthy buy. 

Would I recommend these pair of running shoes? definitely will but if you`re on the look for a more affordable pair, then these shoes rated by over 100 users and came up 4 stars is what I will recommend.


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  1. My sister is professional tennis player and she uses Brooks shoes whenever she practices or plays the game. I was unaware of their running shoes and that line. My sister has only a word of praise for this shoes, although she does not have this particular model. 

    I also like running but I use Asics, as they were recommended to me by a professional athelete and a friend of mine.

    I will check the Brooks shoes website to see all offers.

    Thank you for sharing this. I will also show this article to my sister.


    1. Not many professional tennis players use Brooks tennis shoes, but that does not mean they lack in quality, big-name brands like Adidas or Nike have been around so long that any new player believes they should look for Nike sneakers but that`s not the case.

      I have a large selection of sneakers, brand names and some less known brands but I have to admit Asics is my favorite when I`m going for a run.

  2. This brooks women’s levitate2 is quite really interesting to read on. Going by the positive reviews I got from my colleagues at work that got this, I decided to get one for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing this here. In all honesty, the shoe does have a little downsides but not enough to quench my ignited interest in it to get for my wife

  3. Since you have recommended this to starters then I feel it will be a very good pick for me right now. I like the way the shoe really helps in enhancing ones performance and the comfort it gives with the specially made cushion. I have been making plans to start running a few days in a week in the morning and the shoe was the only thing. Now with the Brooks Women’s Levitate 2 Running Shoes, I have found what I need. Thanks for the review.

    1. Glad you found the post useful, Brooks might not be a household name in running shoes or sports shoes in general but the quality they offer is great.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. The comfort e feel in our legs while running, jumping or doing any sporting activities depends on the type of shoe we are wearing. The brooks is so comforting I got one for my self and I then realized the reason the female athletes move fast with such ease

    1. Glad you found the post useful, Brooks running shoes are great, Brooks might not be a big name brand like Nike or Adidas but that does not mean they compromise when it comes to quality.

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