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Tennis Equipment

Tennis equipment supplies include several accessories and objects that are inextricably linked to Tennis.

Some of these supplies are sophisticated, and therefore, expensive as well. Other supplies like visors, glasses, towels, socks, and hair bands can also be used with other sports and activities.

Because of such interchangeable usage, many tennis equipment suppliers do not stock them.
Luckily, it is possible to buy tennis equipment supplies online, from different sources, compare prices, read reviews, and even take advantage of decent discounts on such purchases.
The list includes tennis apparel, tennis bags, wristbands, hair bands, vibration dampeners, overgrips, hats, visors, caps, socks, braces, supports, towels, etc. Most of the listed supplies are absolutely essential for playing this game.

Essential tennis equipment supplies:

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The essential tennis supplies are:
a. Tennis racquet;
b. Tennis shoes;
c. Tennis strings;
d. Tennis balls; and
e. Tennis net.

Tennis equipment supplies are broadly divided into two categories:

supplies for a tennis player, and supplies for tennis courts.
The tennis players are required to have:

A. Tennis racquets;

B. Tennis shoes.

It is necessary to buy tennis shoes as these absorb impacts that are most common in the game. Not using such shoes can lead to quick wearing out of shoes. The player may also get accustomed to wrong movements to prevent injuries.
C. Grips,

i.e., soft cushioning for tennis handles, to prevent them from poking in the palms. These are often made from materials such as leather.
D. Overgrip:

Unlike grips, these are a tad shorter in size, and are used for absorbing sweat on handle;
E. Wristbands

Waistbands are crucial for the game of tennis as these can help to heal any tendons and ligaments at the wrist.

Similar to wristbands are braces, which may be available for various parts of the body that are injury prone in this game, such as wrists, elbows, and knees. Supports are used to prevent excessive usage of some muscles.
F. Vibration dampeners:

These are supposed to reduce tennis related injuries such as tennis elbow because they can dampen the vibrations.
G. Tennis apparel:

It is obvious that gowns or even full sized pants may not be able to withstand the stress of stretching that is common in tennis.

Therefore, tennis apparel is strikingly different from those used in conventional games.

Moreover, a player needs to wear clothes that do not hamper the racquet movement.
H. Hair bands:

To hold back the hair so a can concentrate on the game.
I. Caps:

Some players opt to play with caps, whereas others have visors. Most women players opt for visors, whereas men opt for caps but wear it backward.

The bill or peak of the cap is often considered as a hindrance by men at the time of serving, whereas women prefer them for protection against sun’s glare.
J. Strings for racquets.

Other things that are needed include a bag that helps to carry racquet, towels, some drinks, and all such gear.
Bags specifically designed to carry tennis racquet gear are also available online.

At times, players do change their clothing during the game. One of the advantages of buying tennis equipment supplies online is that you do not have to confine yourself to a limited selection.

The Tennis Courts Need These  Tennis Equipment Supplies 

A. Net And Net Posts:
The dimensions of tennis courts are different from other ball games or shuttle games.

Moreover, the net should be sturdy as it needs to withstand the impact of tennis balls, if it touches it, which a net designed for badminton would not. Tennis ball would be able to pass through the nets in some other games.

Tennis ball would be able to pass through the nets in some other games.
The height of tennis net should be 3.5 feet, whereas length should be 36 feet.

B. Referee Stands:
Referees tend to climb and look from above in this game.

C. Seating Arrangements Or Benches For Players On Either Side:

There should be a stand for keeping the towels and if the place is hot, then some ice packs and cooling towels would have to be kept.

So, the court would need those as well as some stand that holds drinks.

D. Score keeping systems:

Electronic systems have developed for determining the speed at which the ball has come or left, but more often than not, tennis scores are still maintained manually.

The numbers, in such a system, however, are limited as per scoring pattern unique to tennis.

Each set has six games, for each of the player, which has to be won with a difference of two.

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In the event there is a tie, the set reaches the 7th game and the players continue to play till there is a difference of two. Scoring begins with love all, followed by
i. love 15, 15 all
ii. love 30, 30 all,
iii. love 40, deuce,
iv. game.
In the event it is deuce, or 40 all, the players continue within the game with an intermediate point referred to as advantage that keeps the gap of two points to win the game.

As can be seen from this, there are no 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, etc., in this game.

Very limited set of numbers is needed to indicate the scores.
E. Balls:

Tennis balls are about 2.57 to 2.7 inches in diameter and have a mass of approximately 1.98 ounces to 2.10 ounces.
F. Ball hopper:

These should have casters so that balls can be collected easily after the game. The height should be such that picking the balls from the basket should also be easy.
G. Tennis Ball Machines:

These are sophisticated and electronically controlled ball machines that substitute a full-fledged player. They are most helpful for practice sessions.
H. Stringing machines:

Racquet strings may break down during the game, and may need to be stringed. Most clubs with tennis courts also maintain strings.

I. Rollers And Water Removers:

Tennis courts may be clay or grass courts. Check more about different tennis courts. Water removers are of course needed for both courts, but rollers are used on grass courts to even out the court.

Most of the tennis equipment that the tennis or sports clubs invest in are expensive, and they also need them in multiples.

For example, clubs would need a number of tennis ball machines or stringing machines.
The choices in offline stores would be limited and physically exhausting due to going from one shop after another.

Why You Should Buy Tennis Equipment Supplies Online

It would be difficult to assess the actual price, and know much about the performance of such equipment.
But when you buy tennis equipment supplies online, it is easier to compare the specifications, features, designs, dimensions, prices, etc.

Apart from finding reviews that give an idea about the usefulness of the product. Moreover, you can sit at one place and surf through several online stores via the internet.
Effectively, purchasing such tennis equipment from online sources prevents investment in something that would not serve the purpose.


As can be seen from the above, tennis equipment supplies are not confined to racquets or balls, but a whole lot of other accessories as well.
Many of these supplies can be bought from sports shops, But most sports shops would not maintain stocks of tennis equipment such as tennis ball machines, or stringing machines.

In fact, many may not maintain things like water removers, and rollers. Similarly, braces and supports differ in sizes, and people may have to search a few shops to find them which can quickly turn hectic.

Similarly, braces and supports differ in sizes, and people may have to search a few shops to find them which can quickly turn hectic.
The internet offers easy access to all on court tennis equipment as well as a wide range of tennis training equipment and supplies.
For sophisticated equipment such as tennis ball machines and stringing machines, there are specific companies such as lobster tennis ball machines.

Other supplies can be bought from online shops such as, or

It is easier to identify requirements and source them from different online suppliers as well.
The prices are quoted and therefore, it is possible to find a decent bargain.

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  1. Great page explaining everything you need for tennis! It was helpful to break everything down in an easy to read way. What would you say is your favorite brand of racket? Is there a tennis shoe that you favor best? I would love to hear what you have found to be best. Thanks so much!

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