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Buying The Right Men’s Tennis Shoes

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Tennis shoes have come a long way since the days when both genders had to select from a limited selection.

Today, many technologies have been incorporated in these shoes making them lighter, springier, and snugly fitting shoes that are also able to prevent injuries and have just the desired level of traction as needed for this game.

Over the years, tennis shoe manufacturers realized that what worked for men did not really work that well for women.

Therefore, they came up with separately designed shoes for both the genders. Any player looking at buying men’s tennis shoes, therefore, needs to know what to look for in these shoes.

What To Look For In Men’s Tennis Shoes?

Different players have the different style of playing games. Therefore, requirements differ. Here are the qualities that need to be considered by men while buying tennis shoes.

Stability, Grip, And Traction

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Being sure-footed help in the game of tennis. The rule applies even to the tennis courts. The height of ankle support gives that feeling of security.

Grip becomes crucial because it is possible to slide easily and they can lead to injuries. However, too much of grip can lead to the slowness of movement.
Players who prefer baseline games should opt for soles that are absolutely flat because their game requires sliding, and such soles help in sliding.

Other players can opt for shoes with technologies that offer springier movements.
Traction refers to the ability to move easily in other direction as this game requires such movements.

This is only possible if the shoes are flexible enough and don’t give way to such awkward movements.

Comfort And Support

Comfort and support in these shoes are because of weight, padding, and design. Sneakers that are too heavy, make movements difficult. Padding or cushioning is needed at the ankle for preventing injuries at ankles.

• Cushioning

Cushioning is essential in tennis shoes because it prevents injuries and the game requires fairly a lot of jumping. Insole cushioning is, therefore, important not only for preventing injuries but also for springier action.

It is the cushion that ends up absorbing the shocks and it also helps add springier action.

• Breathability

Men`s Tennis shoes

The material used to make uppers of the shoe should ensure ventilation so that there is not too much sweating inside the shoe and feet remain cool.

• Fitting And Size
While choice in shoe sizes is broadly uniform, the feet do vary in different parts. If there is flexibility in tying the shoes, it is certainly advantageous. Another feature for snug fitting is padding near its tongue.
• Durability And Usability
Tennis shoes may have to be used in different locations and climates. These shoes should withstand such climate variations, apart from the regular stress and strain that is normal in this game.
• Maintenance
The cost of maintaining these shoes should be less, and more than that, time needed to clean the shoes should not be much. Therefore, a person buying such tennis shoes should keep this quality in mind as well.

• Weight
Weight should be near about 360 grams or so.

What makes men’s tennis shoes different from women’s tennis shoes?
Basic differences are in
• Color

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Women tend to prefer wearing pinks, yellows, greens, reds, floral designs, etc., apart from traditional sneaker colors, i.e., white, black, gray, and blue. But men’s tennis shoes tend to have limited colors. Traditional colors are favored on the uppers. The maximum they deviate towards are some fluorescent greens, and reds.
• Sizes
This is actually the basic difference between men’s tennis shoes and women’s tennis shoes. The sizes here are defined based on the width of the player’s feet.

Men’s tennis shoes come in three sizes. Standard sized tennis shoes are identified as “D” size tennis shoes. Slightly wider shoes are classified as 2E. The largest size is 4E. Beyond this, men would have to get their shoe custom made.
• Shapes

Men’s tennis shoes appear square shaped near the toes, unlike women’s tennis shoes which narrow down there and therefore, appear to be oval shaped.

The rounded toe box in women’s tennis shoes is responsible for this impression.
Men do not need as much support of shoes for getting any extra push on the court as physically their muscles are equipped to do that.

However, there are technologies integrated even in men’s tennis shoes for offering quick recovery from any movements.
• Sole construction
Men are more likely to use their heels than women. Therefore, men’s tennis shoes also need to be of good quality towards the heel.

Unlike these, soles in middle part of women’s tennis shoes have reinforcement or stabilizers.

That is not necessary at all for men and might actually be a hindrance for male tennis players.

Technologies In Men’s Tennis Shoes.

Many new technologies are now being added to shoe manufacturing by leading tennis shoes manufacturers.

Nike, for example, has “Zoom cushioning” in its shoes, Adidas’ has “Boost heel” technology, Yonex includes “Power Cushion” technology in its insole, and Asics includes “Gel cushioning”, both at heel as well as forefoot.


Most people nowadays buy shoes online, and it is advisable as well to buy men’s tennis shoes from online stores. Although while doing so, it is necessary to know what to look for in those shoes.

The reviews might be able to shed some light on durability, comfort level, support, and traction.

It is easier to select suitable tennis shoes based on such comprehensive information some of which could be overlooked in real life stores.

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