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Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung) Review


Product Name: Head Tis5 Tennis Racquet   Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet

Who is It For: From intermediate to experienced users

Price: $74.99 with free shipping

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Customer Rating: 23 buyers have given it 5 stars.

Product Overview

Head T- S5 Comfortzone pre-strung tennis racquet comes with a titanium built lightweight technology which offers a brilliant maneuverability. This racquet is best suited for a beginner and an intermediate tennis player and works better for comfort to medium swinging styles.

The “comfort zone” technology used in this racquet dampens the strain and goes easy on the player’s elbows. It reduces the vibration of a string by 25 % which helps reduce the strain. It also comes with a pre-strung string which is decent enough. Read a full post on choosing Tennis rackets here where I explained more on head sizes, grips, and length


Although very similar in the specifications with the older version Ti S5, they still offer many differences. The updated Ti S5 is head heavy while the previous one was lighter. Although both of them are of the same length size, the updated one has a longer handle than the older one.

  • Head size: 107 sq. in.
  • Length: 27.75 in.Balance: Head Heavy
    Head Tis5 Comfortzone
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    Stiffness: 68

    Weight: 8.5 oz

    Beam Width: 27mm Straight Beam

    Composition: Graphite/Titanium Composite

    Power Level: Medium-High

    Swing Speed: Slow-Moderate

    Grip Type: Softac

    Sizes available: 4 1/4, 4 1/8, 4 3/8 and 4 5/8

    Price: $74.95(at the time of writing so this might change)


  • Easy maneuverability on the court
  • Offers a great combination of power and control
  • Reduces strain on wrist, shoulder, and arm considerably
  • Improves the strokes and hits
  • Offers comfortable grip


  • Not sturdy enough and can break easily on falling
  • The grip can get slippery
  • The head makes noise sometimes, even with an already available dampener


If you prefer a racquet heavier at the head then this one is for you. Nonetheless, each player is different and has different preferences. It is advised to first test the racquet before making a purchase. The control, the power and the grip they might be looking for in a racquet cannot be ensured without first giving it a try.

A very good choice for a beginner. If you are prone to elbow injuries and suffer aches and pains caused by swinging a tennis racquet then this racquet comes highly recommended because of its Comfortzone technology.

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