Why you need a Tennis Ball machine.

Tennis Ball machine

Tennis has no longer remained merely a game for relaxation and exercise. Today, there are several tournaments, and the truth is, such competition and decent winning prizes, have increased interest in the game.

To win in a tennis tournament, people have to practice. Practicing tennis is, however, proving to be a big hurdle, even though there are enough clubs and courts for players.

Logically, the player needs another person who knows how to play tennis required for practicing. Therefore, the two players have to coordinate their schedules, which become stress source considering different commitments.

Moreover, people need to improve their game so they need better players or coaches for such practice, which is not always possible. Luckily, there are now tennis ball machines that can help people practice tennis without depending on another player.

What Are The Advantages Of A Tennis Ball Machine?

  • Tennis ball machines can hold several balls at any given time and can throw them across the court for practicing. It helps to improve the game since a human opponent cannot reproduce identical shots consistently.
  • It would be a time consuming to play with a human being since wrong services and bad shots are the limitations for human beings. With machines, such problems do not exist.
  • When people are playing, they play to keep scores as that is what keeps the players interested. With a machine, such scorekeeping is not needed. Therefore, the time is better utilized.
  • Many variations are possible from these machines such as height at which the ball needs to be thrown, the direction in which the ball needs to be thrown, the speed at which the ball needs to be thrown, the power behind the shots etc.
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  • There are electronic controls for this and results are consistent unlike the shots from any human opponent. The time game gap between the balls being sent across the court can also be predetermined to improve the speed of the game. Players can pre-define the desired variations and use remote for operating the machine.
  • It is possible to use some of these machines even at home instead of traveling to clubs provided there is sufficient yard and there is a wall against which the ball can be bounced.

Tennis ball machines do not cost much and are long lasting tennis equipment for home as well as sports clubs.

Features include:

  • Pre-programmed shots are sent by these machines at the court’s center. Machines such as SHOT maker also allow players with different skill levels to use them.Therefore, a player can decide whether he is a beginner or an advanced player and the machine would throw balls accordingly, duly considering speed and power needed.
  • These machines are light and portable. Casters or wheels are provided to pull them along for positioning on the tennis courts. These machines fold into a compact size when not in use and take just a few seconds to be ready for use.
  • They also come with a large rechargeable battery that electronically executes the predefined commands.  Some models work on AC also. Batteries can be replaced.



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Costs differ as per the advanced features in these machines. There are simple machines for learners and sophisticated ones for perfecting shots and improving speed.

For example, Tennis Tutor (Tutor Prolite) machine costs only about $900. However, it throws balls at the speed of 60 miles/hour. It can also vary trajectory from the lob to ground strokes making learner get the feel as if he or she is playing against a human opponent.

An advanced version of Tennis Tutor can oscillate and direct shots at the player randomly.  It can also help in practicing both forehands as well as backhand alternately with its 2-line feature. This machine would cost approximately $1,400 as of now.

Lobster Elite is one of the most sophisticated tennis ball machines around as of now. It facilitates programming of the machine for 18 locations on a tennis court.

Therefore, the machine can throw a ball towards 18 locations on the court for a player to practice as many different shots. Because it can simulate so much it costs approximately $2900.


One of the major disadvantages of such machines is that player gets programmed into playing shots in specific sequence. In real life, that does not always happen. The opponent can choose to come for net shots which these machines do not as yet offer.

Moreover, the height and lob variations offered by these machines are not yet sufficient.

Selecting A Tennis Ball Machine

Since these machines are long lasting sports equipment, and their rechargeable batteries are replaceable, people can afford to buy simpler machines at first and progress to advanced models.

As the player changes gears from being a learner to professional, previous machines can be sold and advanced machines can be bought.

There is a wide selection at Amazon and other sporting goods online stores.


Tennis ball machines are now being used extensively in various sports clubs that have tennis courts and tennis practicing facilities. Even coaches use them to teach learners when they have more than one learner at a time.

While these machines are yet to replace coaches, they do a pretty decent job of helping people practice many of their shots or when you can not find a hitting partner.

Click here to view at Amazon or click any of the images above to view.No need to worry if you can not find a hitting partner,one of this machines will take care of your practice.

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