Nike women’s air zoom pegasus 35 running shoes Review

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Product Name: Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes

Price: Approximately $66 to $269.93

Owners: Nike

Product ranking: 4.1 out of 5



If you follow my posts, you know I recently wrote about Nike’s Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes, this is not a repeat of that post but a review of these women running shoes. Just in case you missed the earlier post, you can check it here.


The first thing that strikes about Nike’s Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes is that these are stylish sneakers. They are available in various colors including pink, which is closer to peach. But the knitted uppers are truly striking.

The knitting is done with fly mesh, integrated with Nike’s “Dynamic Flywire” technology. The fly mesh forms the synthetic fabric of one light and one dark shade. It makes the upper breathable. Added to the knitting are some openings too to increase breathability because it comes with seamless insole fitting like a sock. 

The knitted uppers give flexibility while the flywire in it is the one that controls or locks down the frame. These shoes come with attractive lacing unit and laces. The striking feature of this unit is the positioning of the last hole.

The wearer can choose to tighten the shoes as per their feet and get that snug fitting which adds to comfort. Another striking feature is that these shoes come with a raised opening at ankles which prevents injuries to ankles and heels.

These shoes are designed specialized shoes meant exclusively for running, though they are attractively designed so they can be used casually as well. These shoes impart a sense of sophistication and elegance that sets them apart from other sneakers. 

That said, these shoes may not be the right choice for activities that require more traction as the rubber outsole, though elastic and highly resilient, may not withstand the stress of activities such as weight lifting, or even games such as basketball, or tennis.

These running shoes may also fail in cross country running and hiking though they would be good for all other types of running. 
Check an earlier post on top trail running shoes for women.

Nike’s “Air Zoom” or “Zoom Air” is a unit that includes a layer of air for giving the shoes the required level of flexibility lightness and support. This is positioned right under the insole and forms the midsole. It covers the entire sole length. Beneath it is cushioning with some foam that is soft as well as highly resilient. 
The outsole is made from white rubber but this rubber is highly durable, and the under sole is a distinct blend of synthetic material of a different color and the rubber outsole. The waffle structure is specially designed to ensure traction as needed in running shoes.

The rubber blades on under sole are positioned laterally for cushioning, traction as well as enhancing responsiveness. In addition to these, there are sections of raised rubber that get elongated as they reach the middle of the shoes. These collectively give the shoes their elasticity.
Additional support is also provided at the heel running up the bone of the leg. This support reduces the stress of impact on these parts of the feet. Beveled design is another distinct feature of the shoe’s outsole.
Externally, the outsole appears to carved to appear slightly concave with support at the midfoot and toe base. On the other side, there is an aerodynamic design that goes under the arch.

Not all products are created equal and Nike women’s air zoom pegasus 35 running shoes are no exception, although I will recommend Nike women running shoes any day, it does not mean they do not have weak points.

We`ll look at the pros and the cons and then I`ll let you decide if these are the right pair or if you should go out and look for some other Nike women running sneakers that suit your running needs more.

  • These are one of the best pairs of sneakers around for running. Ideally, they are for running on a treadmill, though they can be used to run outside as well. Wear and tear may be higher if they are used in cross country races or activities such as hiking, cross-training, basketball, tennis, etc. The cushioning ensures that injuries likely on runner’s foot are minimized, while the Zoom Air technology not only makes the shoe lighter, and comfortable, it also makes it more responsive.
  • These are attractively designed and can be used as casual wear as well. These are also available in different attractive colors.
  • These shoes are considerably more durable when compared to other shoes offering similar features.
  • An environmentally-friendly rubber is used to make its outsole.
  • In so far as pricing is considered, these shoes are reasonably priced when compared to similar shoes available in the market


  • The sizes have to be verified before ordering. Some women have also found the toe box to be rather tight.
  • The wear and tear will be higher if these sneakers are used for sports such as basketball or tennis. Likewise, these shoes will not be the right choice for cross-training purposes, because the traction and support are limited.
  • The outsole, especially the under sole, is thin and does wear out faster.

Who It Is For

The features included in these shoes indicate that these are for running. Moreover, these shoes can be used by both beginners as well as veterans into race and track activities.

But there is not sufficient traction or support for activities such as cross-training, or even sports such as tennis and basketball. Therefore, these shoes would give way faster if used for such activities.Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes in pinkGenerated button

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe Overview

Salient features of Nike’s Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes include:

  • These shoes include Nike’s proprietary Air Zoom system, which means there are a “zoom air” section and Zoom foam section in its midsole.
  • The fly mesh and flywire are well integrated to form the uppers, which offer flexibility as well as speed and required a level of lockdown.
  • Beveled heel, and aerodynamic design that improves the speed of running
  • Traction because of the waffle outsole. Superior cushioning and responsiveness are attributable to its rubber blades that run laterally.


The prices differ as per the colors, features, and outlets where they are bought. For now, they are in the range of $66 to $269.93.
Where To Buy
As of date, these shoes can be bought on:nike women's air zoom pegasus 35 running shoes

Final Verdict

Injuries differ from one sport to another and one athletic activity to another. While most sneakers can be used to some extent for all sports, exercises, activities, the wear and tear will be more, and so also the possibility of sustaining injuries.
Nike identifies these shoes as shoes for running. Therefore, these would serve those who are keen on running events very well.
When I set to write this Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoes review, the goal was to make you see the pros and cons of these sneakers and I hope I did that.
If you feel these are not the right shoes for you, there are names like Adidas, Fila, and other cheap running shoes, but remember Nike is one of the most popular running shoe brands for a reason.
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  1. Great review of this product!  You have truly covered all the ins and outs of this running shoe.  (No pun intended!)  The pros, cons, and overview was extremely helpful, and your tips on who this shoe is for, as well as what these shoes are not for, will help potential customers determine if this is the right running shoe for them.  The links to order from different places as well as the embedded video is a nice touch.

    1. Thanks Jim, really appreciate you stopping by. I try to make my reviews as in-depth as possible so a reader finds what they are looking for.

  2. Runner shoes are always worth the extra cost.  My wife runs, I run, (when I am not nursing a hip flexor problem)… Neither of us has tried Nike running shoes yet.. we usually have stuck with wearing Brooks.  How would you compare these with Brooks or other runner shoes?  The Zoom air technology description in the review provides enticing value.  Affordable, Lighter, Comfortable, Responsive shoes are winning combinations. 

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I`m surprised you stick to Brooks as they are a lesser-known running shoe brand compared to Nike. Brooks Levitate 2 for women is one of my top choices in running shoes, I even have a post about it on my top 7 running shoes for women.

      You asked how I will compare Nike to Brooks, both are brilliant running shoes,I have more sneakers than I have heels, but I`ve come to know that if you`re used to a specific brand name shoe,you might find a different brand uncomfortable in one way or the other for the first few uses.

      An example I got some new running sneakers last week specifically for winter so I got a size larger, keeping in mind I do need 2 pairs of socks to keep out the cold when I go for a run in the cold. Now when I got home, I was surprised the shoes were so tight I can`t even keep them on comfortably.

      So, if you want to look around for a different brand running shoes different to ones you`re used to, make sure to try them first to be sure they`re what you want.

  3. This was a great review.  Obviously I’m not a women, but if I’m ever mistaken for one that would be a wonderful compliment, however it’s unlikely to happen.

    I do appreciate a good running shoe, the innovation of the design for this shoe is really great.  The ability to almost slip your foot in buy pulling the back out is brilliant, I don’t ever remember seeing anything like that before.  And yet you still have the laces to give you more security.

    Forgive me if this seems like a silly question, but is there a make equivalent to these running shoes, with the same innovative features?

    Thank you, for your article, it was and eye opener.


    1. Hello Justin

      There are exactly the same Nike Air zoom running shoes for men, very similar to ladies but made for men.Hope this answers your question.

  4. This should be at least one of the San Valentin’s day gifts for my wife (do I have time to get it by Feb 14?)… I love because I know she will, the zipper behind; that’s one of those ideas that, once seeing them implemented, it makes you wonder how it’s possible no one came up with it earlier!

    Thank you for this great product review post. Size verification is a common-sense mandatory aspect for online shoe buying (by the way, I’ll need to bring a ruler to our bedroom tonight to measure one of her feet).

    I know she will love the pink one… 😀 I’m happier now than before to start reading this post!   

    1. lol Juan

      But you know what,size mistakes can happen even offline.I bought running sneakers for men last week.They were for men but I bought them for myself as my feet do get too cold when out running in the winter.

      I got a size larger than my own(I need 2 pairs of socks when running in the winter) but when I got home, I was disappointed to find they were just too tight. How could this be, these are men`s running shoes, 1 size larger than my usual size yet they were too small for me. so, shoe size mistakes happen even when you shop offline.

      Enough of that, glad you like the shoes, hope your Mrs will love them too.

  5. Your guide is awesome for everyone . While reading I know that Nike’s “Air Zoom” or “Zoom Air” is a unit that includes a layer of air for giving the shoes the required level of flexibility lightness and support. Nike identifies these shoes as shoes for running. 

    Therefore, these would serve those who are keen on running events very well. Your review with pros and cons helped me to know and make a buying decision.

    1. Glad you found the post useful, thanks for stopping by.

  6. I enjoy a lot while reading you review and find it very helpful for everyone. While reading I found that most sneakers can be used to some extent for all sports, exercises, activities, the wear and tear will be more, and so also the possibility of sustaining injuries. Now I am planning to by Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe. It only possible with the help of your guide.

    1. Not all sneakers are made for every sporting activity, there are some sneakers you can use in multiple sports but some are very focused for example soccer cleats or golf shoes can not be substituted for any other sport.

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