Prince Global Sports Tour 23 Strung Junior Tennis Racquet

Prince global sports tour 23 Strung Junior Tennis racquet is ideal for juniors between the ages 9-10 just getting started on their tennis journey.

This is ideal for junior players who are still in the process of learning different strokes and still needs a smaller grip size and a lighter swing weight than adult racquets offer.Racquet differences and explanation.

This racquet is also ideal for those who want to re-start their game(for fun) as it`s light and easy to handle, the grip might be small for a grown up but this can be easily overcome by adding an overgrip to fit your hand size.

We all know that after some time not practicing, one gets rusty with ground strokes, this is when as a grown up, you should use a junior racquet as they are lighter in weight.

Why Prince global Sports Tour 23 Strung Junior Tennis Racquet?

Given the many different brands and racquet types in the market today, beginners and advanced players alike often wind up confused, and unsure of what to choose, here is what you get with Prince global sports tour 23 strung junior tennis racquet.

  • Featuring ESP (Extreme Spin Pattern) which provides up to 30% more spin than a traditional tennis racquet
  • 100% Graphite construction
  • 100 sq in. head size, 7.4 oz

The product has very good reviews from Amazon readers

Who Else can Use It

Prince Global Sports Warrior 23 ESP Strung Junior Tennis Racquet is meant for juniors, but adults and recreational players who are just getting back to the game can safely use it to boost confidence and not taking the game too seriously.

Best Place To buy

There are many places you can buy racquets online personally l find the best places to be atennisoutlet.com and Amazon.com .The prices may differ a bit depending on where you decide to buy but starts from $ 34.95 plus shipping but do check for free shipping from Amazon.



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