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PUMA Tune Cat B 2 Velcro Kids Sneaker Review

Product Name: PUMA Tune Cat Kids Sneaker

Overall ranking: 4.8/5

Price: From $ 26.72

The cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon


PUMA Tune Cat B 2 V Kids Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) , Black/White/Limestone Gray, 4 M US ToddlerPUMA Tune Cat B 2 Velcro Kids Sneaker

PUMA is a globally acknowledged athletic brand and is known for its role in the manufacturing of sports, leisure and lifestyle products.

A brand that needs no introduction, PUMA came up with a shrunken version of an adult sneakers for the kids which is also a part of PUMA’s motorsport collection.

Want to read more on Puma history then click here to understand how Puma, as we know it today came to be.

A leather upper sneaker is a product appreciated and well-liked by the kids for its style and cool looks as nowadays kids know what they like.

It is a tri-color sneaker with elastic straps at tongue for easy on and off, stitched in a decorative fashion and has a hook-and-loop closure.

The other main features include a removable sock liner, rubber outsole for solid grip and a rounded heel for protection and support.Puma over the years.


Depending on what you are looking for in kid’s shoes, Puma Tune Cat meets and exceeds expectations from affordability, availability, stability to comfort these shoe leaves no room for trial and error. But first you can check how to chose kids shoes here if you missed it.

⦁    Affordable                                 Product Details

⦁    Light-weight

⦁    Stylish and trendy

⦁    Comfortable to wear

⦁    Good breathability

⦁    Sturdy and lasts long

⦁    Easy to clean and the quality is good

  • Availability in different colors


Apart from being on the smaller side, there are no cons to speak of really, just order one size larger to avoid miscalculation.

Who is it for:

PUMA Tune Cat B 2 Kids Sneaker is for toddlers (1-4 years) and now also in special sizes for children (4-8 years old).But there are larger sizes for older kids like Puma Tune Cat 2.

Where to buy:

PUMA products are easily available online as well as offline shoe stores if there is a sports goods store near you, they might have the shoes or try at your local kid’s shoe store.

If you`re shopping online, Amazon has the best offers and depending on where you live, there is free shipping and return policy should you for any reason, not like the shoes.

Make a purchase from Amazon by clicking here:


Finding the right fitting and comfortable shoes for kids might be tricky with kids unsure if the shoes are comfortable, check the return policy before you purchase should the shoes not fit comfortably.

Remember if you`re buying online, you are not able to check the materials so read the description well before you click to buy.

PUMA Tune Cat B 2 V Kids Sneaker is a product that will make you the envy of the others on the playground. It is a branded product as well as a style icon which receives a number of compliments.

Below are more Puma Tune Cat to make your shopping online easy, if you have any questions, just leave me a message. If you liked this post, then go ahead and share it on social media so others can benefit from it.


4 thoughts on “PUMA Tune Cat B 2 Velcro Kids Sneaker Review

  1. Hi Roamy,

    Thanks for this great article on puma kids sneak I really enjoyed it thanks.

    I am a retired professional boxer and I have played sport since I was a little kid so this is definitely my cup of a tea.

    From what age can you start playing tennis? I ask this because I have a little daughter myself.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Mitchell

      thanks for stopping by, it`s really hard to say exactly what`s the right time to start playing tennis, Jenifer Capriati I heard started playing when she was months old, Martina Hingis started to play when she was 2 I think.

      I feel that there is no right or wrong time, most top players start playing when they are about 7 years old.That is when most players remember having their first tennis rackets. But then,there are some top players that started playing later(Rafa is an example).

      So there is really no fixed rule as to when to get started to be a top player.

      Hope this answers your question, but if you have more questions, just leave me a message.

  2. There is nothing more cute than sneakers for kids,

    I’m a huge fan of Puma (mainly thanks to Rihanna)

    I do not have kids yet but I’ll definitely buy the shoes for my niece 🙂

    One thing that concerns me is the issue of measurements – if the shoe is small, is it possible to return it at no cost?

    Would appreciate help !

    Thank you, have a pleasant day .

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