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Product Name: Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 sneaker

Overall Ranking: 4.0 out of 5

Price: Approximately $39.95 to $99

Owners: Skechers




The first thing that strikes about Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 sneakers is its extremely striking look, thanks to their uppers which are made from 100% knitted material.

This soft heathered knit fabric makes these sneakers highly breathable and flexible apart from reducing its weight. These are low top shoes when measured from the arch. This makes them suitable for activities such as hiking. The tongue, as well as collar, is padded with color that matches the lace.


The white-colored rubber sole in these sneakers slants upwards from the base of toes. The midsole is also clearly identifiable as it is black, and has descriptions such as “Dual-Lite”, “Flex Sole 2.0” or “Air Cooled”, mentioned on it, depending upon the shoe model that is selected.

Accordingly, the function of the insole and midsole also vary. The insole includes memory foam that is air-cooled. 

Overall, these sneakers are flexible, partly due to laces, which include synthetic overlay in this panel. These sneakers fit snugly like socks and keep the feet warm though these would not be recommended for winters and even rains.

Want Wider Shoes? you get them

Wider shoes are also available in this product line, but not all models have such wider shoes. The good news is that these shoes are comfortable even for people with high arches. Most wouldn’t need inserts.

However, insoles are not removable. The size tends to be a bit of a smaller size, so ordering a half size “up” may work better. You can check the Skechers size chart here.

The outsole comes with somewhat deeper vertical grooves and horizontal grooves, together forming almost squares and rectangles. The two deeper vertical grooves tend to be deeper around the middle part of these shoes though the grooves that run across creating square design are also fairly deep. It is these grooves that give these shoes their flexibility.Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker Review

The striking feature of the outsole is colored additional reinforcement at the outer heel corner and corresponding support at the big toe and its base in the same color and material.  

These shoes are available in five different color combinations, i.e., black and white, black and lavender ball, black and hot pink, navy and aqua, and black. The colors vary based on the colors of midsole and laces.  

These shoes can be used in workplaces where the person has to walk a lot on concrete flooring or stand for long on such flooring as these do not cause backaches or knee pains.

The soft cushioning in the insole ensures that the feet do not tire even when these shoes are used for long hours. These shoes can also be worn on a casual occasion.

Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Pros

  • These are attractive shoes with considerable comfort. Being light they can be worn for long hours.
  • These shoes are affordable and fairly durable depending upon the usage.
  • They are flexible so feet do not feel cramped inside.
  • The shoes are quite breathable, being made from knitted fabric.
  • Washable without any problems.
  • These shoes can be worn even at the office or as casual wear.


  • The shoelaces may not always stay put, and cause the knitted tongue also to move inside.
  • Some may find the shoe fits too snugly or the toe box too small.
  • The insole is not removable, therefore, it is not possible to use any inserts to make the shoe more appropriate for feet.
  • These shoes, though knitted, are not suitable for winters and rainy seasons.
  • These shoes have limited uses, i.e., they can be used for traveling, or walking, apart from some hiking. They won’t last if they are used to run more than 4 or five miles each day or used in sports like tennis.
  • The cushioning in these shoes is limited.

Who It Is For

These sneakers are designed for light tasks such as walking or traveling. They can’t withstand grueling stuff that goes on in cross-training, professional sports like tennis, or even running for long distances. You can check our earlier post for more sturdy shoes for the serious sport.

If you`re looking for Skechers for men, we have an earlier review here on Skechers Men`s Energy Laceup Sneakers.

At the most, these may be good for about 4 to 5 kilometers on a treadmill each day, beyond which the wear and tear will be much faster. Therefore, these shoes would be barely adequate for beginners, though they do have a low top for facilitating outdoor activities such as hiking.SKECHERS Flex Appeal 2.0 Women's Shoes Navy

  Skechers Flex Appeal 2  Overview

Salient features of Skechers “Women’s Flex 2.0 sneaker:

  • Knitted uppers that look great because of the knitting design, and offer breathability. These shoes look elegant because of these knitted uppers, which can also be washed. This knitted fabric also gives it its flexibility
  • It has a distinct midsole
  • Its thick rubber outsole is fairly flexible, especially because of the grooves and design under the sole. 
  • It has a fair amount of support for arches. 

Skechers Flex Appeal 2 Price

As of date, this product line is priced somewhere in the range of $39.95 to $99, depending upon the store from which it is sourced, and also the features.

Where To Buy

Skechers flex appeal sneakers can be bought in many local sporting goods shops. If you shop online, there is a larger selection of Skechers flex appeal shoes for men and women. If you shop online, You can purchase these shoes from these stores:

Please note these Skechers Flex Appeal  come in different,like skechers flex appeal 2 for women or  skechers flex appeal memory foam.I hope to write more about these in the future

Final Verdict

These sneakers are attractive to look at but the function is limited in so far as exercises or sports are concerned. However, it can be used as casual footwear and even as office wear. It can also be used for regular walks. 

The market has much footwear which is less durable and is pricier even though they are not as attractive as these sneakers, and have limited functionality. Hence these sneakers are worth buying. 

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