Tennis Grandslams

Tennis Grandslams Where Are They?

Tennis grand slams have become increasingly competitive over the years. Correspondingly, there are many tournaments held in different parts of the world, in different seasons, and players are ranked according to their performances in these tournaments.

But there are four major tournaments, which collectively form the “Tennis Grandslams”. These four tournaments are Wimbledon, French Open, the” US Open”, and finally, the “Australian open”.

About the Major Tournaments

  • Australian OpenTennis Grandslams

This tournament is the first to be played in each calendar year. It begins in mid-January, each year, and lasts for a fortnight.  It is played on hard court.

Events forming this tournament have been played in various cities over the years i.e., Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane in Australia, and Hastings and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Prize money: The Breakdown

From 2015 onwards, a 10% annual increase in the prize money was announced.  Here is the total amount earned by players in the previous year.


Men’s and Women’s Singles


2015 2016
Winners AUD 3.1 million each AUD 3.85 million each
Runner ups AUD 1.55 million each AUD 1.9 million each


Men’s and Women’s Doubles


2015 2016
Winners AUD 575,000 per pair AUD 650,000 per pair
Runner ups AUD 285,000 per pair AUD 325,000 per pair


Mixed Doubles


2015 2016
Winners AUD 142,500 per pair AUD 150,500 per pair
Runner ups AUD 71,500 per pair AUD 75,500 per pair



The perpetual Cups are adorned with the names of former winners of the tournaments.


Trophy for Women’s Singles is known as The Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup and that for Men’s Singles is referred to as The Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.


The Australian Open 2016 Winners


Singles Doubles
Men Novak Djokovic Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

Women Angelique Kerber Martina Hingis

Sania Mirza

Mixed Doubles Elena Weslina (W)

Bruno Soares(M)


  • The French OpenTennis Grandslams

This tournament is better known as Rolland Garros.  It is played on clay court between May and June each year.

Currently, all the French Open events are held at Stade Roland Garros stadium in Paris, France.


Prize money: The Breakdown


In 2015, the prize money was 28.3 million Euros. Due to the significant drop in the value of Euros, the French Open fell behind in comparison to other Grand Slam titles. So, it was decided to increase the prize money by 14 % in 2014 which was again increased by 12.5 % the following year.


The hike in the prize money brought the French Open closer to the Wimbledon Championships and The US Open. In 2016, a further dip in the value of Euros forced the management to increase the prize money to 32 million Euros.


Men’s and Women’s Singles


2015 2016
Winners Euros 1.8 million each Euros 2.1 million each
Runner ups Euros 900,000 each Euros 1 million each


Men’s and Women’s Doubles


2015 2016
Winners Euros 450,000 per pair Euros 600,000 per pair
Runner ups Euros 225,000 per pair Euros 300,000 per pair


Mixed Doubles


2015 2016
Winners Euros 114,000 per pair Euros 140,000 per pair
Runner ups Euros 57,000 per pair Euros 70,500 per pair



Maison Mellerio dits Meller designs and makes the pure silver trophies on the base of which the names of the winners are engraved. Each winner receives a custom-made replica of the original trophy which is also made of pure silver.


For Men’s Singles: The Coupe des Mousquetaires

For Women’s Singles: The Coupe Suzanne Lenglen

For Men’s Doubles: The Coupe Jacques Brugnon

For Women’s Doubles: The Coupe Simone Mathieu

For Mixed Doubles: The Coupe Marcel Bernard


The French Open 2016 Winners


Singles Doubles
Men Novak Djokovic Feliciano Lopez

Marc Lopez

Women Garbine Muguruza Caroline Garcia

Kristina Mladenovic

Mixed Doubles Martina Hingis(W)

Leander Paes(M)


  • WimbledonImage result for wimbledon,Tennis Grandslams

This is the most ancient major tournament among the four. Because it enjoys royal patronage, there is dress code as well. It is essentially grass court tennis, starting around the first week of July each year.

In all, there are 19 courts of All England Club at Wimbledon, which boasts of Duke of Kent as its President, and Queen Elizabeth II as its Patron. Approximately, 450,000 spectators arrive annually at Wimbledon to watch these tournaments.

Prize money: The Breakdown

The award money in 2015 was  26.75 million pounds in total which was after 6 % increase in the previous year’s amount. In 2016, further 5 % increase was made into this amount making the grand total to a whopping 28.1 million pounds which are equivalent to $ 41.05 million.

Men’s and Women’s Singles


2015 2016
Winners 1.89 million pounds each 2 million pounds each
Runner ups 940,000 pounds each 1 million pounds each


Men’s and Women’s Doubles 


2015 2016
Winners 340,000 pounds per pair Euros 350,000 per pair
Runner ups 170,000 pounds per pair 175,000 pounds per pair


Mixed Doubles


2015 2016
Winners 100,000 pounds per pair 100,000 pounds per pair
Runner ups 50,000 pounds per pair 50,000 pounds per pair




The winner of the Gentlemen’s Singles Championship gets awarded a Silver gilt Cup which is inscribed with the following words “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World.”


The original trophy stays with All England Club while the Champion receives the replica that is 3 quarter the size of the original. It also bears the names of every Champion till date.


The Venus Rosewater Dish is a trophy awarded to the winner of Ladies’ Singles. The silver dish is decorated with mythological figures and with names of all the past Champions inscribed on it. The winner again receives the replica of the original but a miniature version of it.


Silver Cups are awarded to the Gentlemen’s Doubles events, Ladies’ Doubles events, and Mixed Doubles events Champions.


Each of the runner ups of these events receives an inscribed cups. The Duke of Kent who is also the President of All England Club gets the honor of presenting the trophies to the Champions.


The Wimbledon Championship 2016 Winners


Singles Doubles
Men Andy Murray Pierre-Hugues Herbert

Nicolas Mahut

Women Serena Williams Serena Williams

Venus Williams

Mixed Doubles Henri Kontinen(M)

Heather Watson(W)


  • The US Open Image result for the us open tennis logo,Tennis Grandslams

This is also a hard court tennis played each year for about 14 days from the end of August.

Prize money: The Breakdown

The Prize money for this tournament in 2016 was $46,300,000 which was 10 percent higher than the prize money in the previous year.

Men’s and Women’s Singles


2015 2016
Winners $3,300,000 each $3,500,000 each
Runner ups $1,600,000 each $1,750,000 each


Men’s and Women’s Doubles


2015 2016
Winners  $5,700,000 per pair $625,000 per pair
Runner ups $2,75,000  per pair  $310,000 per pair


Mixed Doubles


2015 2016
Winners $150,000 per pair $150,000 per pair
Runner ups $70,000 per pair $70,000 per pair


The 2016 US Open winners were


Singles Doubles
Men Stan Wavrinka Bruno Soares

Jamie Murray

Women Angelique Kerber Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Lucie Safarova

Mixed Doubles Mate Pavic (M)

Laura Seigmund (W)


These four tournaments get a lot of media attention. Advertisers too are drawn to these tournaments, helping the players earn more through them in addition to the prize money.

Grand Slam Terminology vis a vis Player

There are different terms associated with Tennis grand slams, i.e.,

  • The tennis player needs to be the winner in all the four major tournaments held in the same calendar year, to be identified as a “grand slam winner”. For this purpose, it does not matter if the tennis player wins singles in some, and doubles or mixed doubles in others.
  • If the player wins one or more these major tournaments but fails to win all of them, either in the calendar year, or in his or her entire career then he or she is said to have won the majors.
  • If the player wins all the four major tournaments, but in different calendar years, then he or she has achieved “career slam”.
  • If the player wins four of these majors consecutively, but in different calendar years, then he or she has won what is known as the “non-calendar Grand slam”.


Because of the enormous amount of prize money, and the earnings from advertisements, all players try to find a ranking in these four majors.

The game has become more popular because of the money involved, and considerable refinement has also come into it, thanks to the professional approach.

Tennis grand slams are tennis tournaments, but they stand in a different league because of the size of spectators, facilities, and the media attention they get.

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  1. Hi, Emma. Thanks for the info on Tennis tournaments. I used to play tennis with a friend for fun. Neither of us had any training, and we spent more time chasing after stray balls than we did actually hitting balls. I still have my tennis racket, so maybe I’ll give it another go.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I think it`s important to have fun when playing tennis, be it chasing the ball or playing a ballboy/girl.
      Get your tennis racquet out and start playing, maybe you need a different racquet now as your game has improved or gotten poorer over time.

  2. Thanks for this post, I have always heard the grand slam term and never looked it up.

    I used to play a lot of tennis but when my son was a born a couple years ago I stopped playing so much.

    I can’t believe the payouts for these tournaments. Those guys like Djokovic must be pretty well off, especially after endorsements.

    1. Hi Jeremy. A good reason to train your son so he can be a professional tennis player in the future.But I read an article recently that a year`S training cost minimum $100,000 in the top Tennic academies,so not everyone can afford to have their kids attend those “designer tennis academies”

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi there,
    that is good info on the Grand Slams. I didn’t realise they got so much for winning. That is mind boggling however I guess they do earn as they play hard for it over the 2 weeks. Living in Melbourne I have been to an Australian Open when it was here a few years back and really was a good day. Have you been to any of the Grand Slams yourself? Good article!
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Hello Sharon

      thanks for stopping by, im a Tennis lover, have always been and yes I have watched Wimbeldon,US open and the French open several times.As im only a few hours to France, I do try to get a ticket for Roland Garros.

  4. Hey Emma thanks for this awesome tennis site. My sister played tennis when she was in high school, never once did I imagine the potential earnings, especially just one tournament. All in all, i think you have a really nice site going for you. It was easy to navigate through, and it was very clear to read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.Professional tennis players work hard all year round on and off court so the large sums of prize money justified.

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