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Tennis Racquet Strings

There are different tennis racquet strings but I’m going to concentrate on Babolat VS Team Natural Gut 17g (1.25) String for tennis racquets made from the natural gut of animals.

WhatAre The Qualities To Look For In A Tennis Racquet String?

There is no prescribed gauge of these strings. However, many of the popular tennis racquet strings are of 1.20 mm (18g) 1.25
mm (17g ) or 1.30 mm (16g ) gauge. The letter “g” denotes gauge for these strings.
Tension retention and Dynamic Stiffness
Technologies such as Babolat’s Thermogut technology improve this quality in the tennis racquet strings.
This quality offers you slightly more control on their shots so it is another criterion to consider while purchasing any of those strings for tennis racquets.
Elasticity and Length
While some amount of stiffness is needed, there should be some elasticity as well in these strings as there will be some stretching and contraction while playing those tennis shots.
Length is an important factor to consider because the sizes of tennis racquet heads vary. Buying strings that are not long enough may force you to get strings stretch excessively, which will increase spin but make the strings brittle and lose their elasticity.
Conducive to stringing
The stringing of tennis racquet entails a lot of stretching and turning. Not every string can be turned or stretched.
Some of the strings perform better when networking is done along with other strings, read my earlier post on stringing so when purchasing a racquet string reel, you are better off with a string that is compatible with other strings.
Easy to store
This is an important factor because there may be a prescribed way of storing those strings, especially natural strings for tennis racquets.Your string of choice should be able to withstand different weather conditions;
The nature of the material used to make the tennis racquet strings is crucial because some may expand in the heat, while others may lose some of their properties when exposed to moisture.

Without this quality, the tennis racquet stringing may take up much of your time and money. Therefore, durability is an important criterion for selecting any tennis racquet strings. The durability of these strings is achieved by designing their layering structures and/or subjecting them to some processes for improving their durability.Pete Sampras broken strings come to mind.


These strings do break down, or become loose effectively losing some of their properties. Therefore, you obviously need strings that are not going to burn a hole in your pockets.

More On Babolat VS Team Natural Gut 17g (1.25) Strings

Basically, this natural gut string for tennis racquet promises to be spin responsive. It is made of a very thin gauge, i.e., 1.25mm or17g. It is also smooth and flexible. These features are expected to offer better control.
This string is an improvement on the previous product in the same product line.
It promises better gauge tolerance. Thermogut technology has been used to make the string well integrated right into the core.
In addition, Babolat has incorporated BT7, which is technology for improving the product’s durability. This technology has made the strings slightly firmer, but there are no major effects on either playability or comfort levels.
What does Babolat VS Team Natural Gut 17 g (1.25 mm) string promise to deliver:-
The string promises everything in the list mentioned above.
The positive features of this tennis racquet string or guts include, feeling the ball contacting the racquet; It pockets the tennis ball well, It is good for “serve and volley”, top spin shots, net game, slicing, and quicker service. It is good for placing shots as well.
Responses are also quicker as well as more powerful. It is good for getting the desired level of control, especially on “ground shots because of gauge, flexibility, and smooth surface.It offers more comfort and reduces the injuries to wrists, arms, shoulders, and elbows. Click here to View at Amazon
 Babolat RPM Blast 17G (1.25) Tennis String Half Reel,Tennis Racquet Strings
Costs are prohibitive.
A reel of 200M length cost about $159.95 at Amazon. That is rather expensive tennis racquet string, and it seems rather expensive but this goes a long, long way.
If you are looking at buying tennis racquet string, you might want to consider the Babolat VS Team Natural gut 17 (1.25) Strings for your racquet’s head. it is not the best in terms of control, spin, or pricing. It also does not last long and is unsuitable for using in damp conditions. But it is perhaps the best one around to prevent injuries to arms,  shoulders, or wrists.
If you’re not a string breaker, using gut can actually prove cost effective. While the upfront charge might be double that of a good synthetic string, the superior quality of gut strings might last more than twice as long.
Hope you have benefited from my post and are now closer to achieving the best when buying a tennis racquet string.Have any questions? leave me a message, will sure get back to you.

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