Where To buy Wilson Tennis Balls

For a game of tennis, a tennis racquet and tennis balls are required. In fact, many tennis balls are needed at any point of time to optimally utilize time because retrieving the balls when the player fails to return the shot or volley can take up quite a bit of time.

There are different types as well as brands of tennis balls.
Wilson Tennis balls are one of the most popular brands around.

Why different types of tennis balls are needed? 

Wilson Tennis Balls
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Basically, there is contrast due to different tennis courts. The tennis balls exhibit different bounces on clay courts and grass courts. They also differ in bounces at altitudes.
Therefore, technologies have been developed accordingly. The tennis balls are identified as regular duty/extra duty/ high altitude.

The regular duty balls are useful for indoor or clay courts, and the extra duty balls are useful for hard courts.

Technology Related Differences In Tennis Balls

The technologies differ in balls that are preferred by different players. Specific brands and types of balls are also used in tournaments.

Basically, the technologies in tennis balls relate to pressure in the balls, and the materials used to make the balls. Therefore, some balls are highly pressurized balls, and other balls are pressureless balls.

The difference is that the balls that are pressurized tend to be stiffer. Consequently, they also bounce more. The drawback of such balls is that they do not last long.

In contrast, non-pressurized tennis balls offer the same level of bounce fairly consistently for a longer period. It is not as if these balls do not lose their bouncing abilities.

They do, but a bit more slowly in comparison to pressurized tennis balls. These balls are more affordable and durable. On an average, these balls are useful only for 9 games.

In addition to pressure factor, expensive textile felt, and other proprietary technologies are incorporated in tennis balls. It is these technologies that define whether the ball is suitable for regular duty/extra duty/ high altitude.

Desirable Technologies In Tennis Balls

  •  Prevent clay or moisture from adhering to the ball or affecting the performance of the ball,
    Such as the balls that can be used on different courts be they indoor, clay, or grass courts, and at different altitudes.
  • Usually, tennis balls are classified further according to ITF mandate. Therefore, balls made for slow courts (clay) require Type 1 ball. Type 2 balls are for courts that are medium-paced (carpet or acrylic). Type 3 balls are designed for courts that are faster such as grass or turf courts.
  • In addition to these, there are numbered balls. The numbers are to prevent mix up of balls with balls being used in the neighboring courts as older balls do not perform as well as new balls.
  • Balls remain at optimal performance levels for longer periods, i.e., multiple numbers of sets, even when used on hard courts.
  •  Balls that may be designed for different genders and different age groups.

Different Wilson Tennis Balls

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Wilson tennis balls are manufactured by Wilson Sporting Goods, which is a Chicago, Illinois-based company.

The balls manufactured by this company are favored in Grand Slam tournaments like the US open, and the Australian Open.

The company incorporates “Element Guard Technology” in its fluorescent green colored balls which are specially designed for green Clay courts, i.e., Har-Tru courts.

This is the technology that prevents moisture or clay affecting the performance of the ball.

The Duraweave felt on some of the company’s balls ensures durability. It ensures that the players can use the same ball for playing longer.

Wilson tennis balls used in the US Open have a core that makes them suitable for use at high altitude. The balls are also equipped to manage extra duty.

Such balls are approved by both ITF as well as the USTA and can be used for playing on grass courts, clay courts, or indoor courts.

In general, the company has gone to great lengths to make it easy for the buyer to identify which tennis ball is suitable for which court, or game. Therefore, light green balls are for clay courts. Other balls are fluorescent yellow in color.

Wilson US Open Jumbo Tennis Ball, Pink by Wilson
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In addition, Wilson pink colored balls are also around. These are exclusively for charitable purposes. A percentage of profit from the sale of these balls leaves for Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Wilson also has a range of tennis balls for beginners. These tennis balls are called the transition set. In this set, red colored balls are for children of age group 8 or less.

Orange colored transition tennis balls are for children of age group between 8 and 10. For children who are 11 years and above, there are green colored tennis balls.
Transition balls have lesser bounce and lesser pressure as well, in comparison to the balls used by adult players.

Buying Wilson Tennis Balls

Because of their popularity, Wilson tennis balls can be bought from different online and offline sports goods stores. The company offers these products through its website,

There are many product lines such as Premium, Value, Transition, Championship, and Practice available.

Online retail stores such as and also offer Wilson tennis balls, along with reviews.

Retail giants such as Walmart and Target are other places from where these balls can be bought. Much depends on how many balls are needed.
In stores such as Walmart, it is easy to buy just a single can of 3 balls. Larger purchases may be sourced from the company, as there are discounts offered for bulk purchases.

Most online sports goods selling businesses waive shipping charges, and also offer discounts on larger spending, so such purchases can be combined.

You can also order tennis ball directly from the company. Retail giants such as Target have branches across the world and websites specific to the region as well, such as with sports section offering Willson tennis balls.

Why Are Wilson Tennis Balls Cheaper From Some Websites?

For bulk purchases, it is always better to order from the company, though periodically, there are tennis balls offered at discount from online stores.

The reason is simple. The tennis balls may not remain as effective if they remain in stock. Moreover, new technologies may have been discovered.

Therefore, buying a smaller number of these balls from retailers at such times may be the answer.


The world of tennis is strange. There is no general agreement on the balls to be used in all Grand Slam events.

But Wilson Tennis balls are sacrosanct for tennis events in the US and Australia.
Knowing which type of ball is needed for playing the game goes a long way in improving the game, and formulating the winning strategy.

Luckily, the players are no longer isolated, and people can buy tennis balls from anywhere in the world.
It is also possible to confirm which type of ball feels better thanks to the varying number of balls in different packaging.

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