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Top Tips When Buying Boys Tennis Shoes

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Boys tennis shoes are big by most sports shoe manufacturers. The obvious reason for this is variation in sizes.There are 40 different sizes covered under boys tennis shoes or Junior tennis shoes.

The range includes tennis shoes for infants, kids, and youth.There is more to it than merely size variation and we`ll look at them in this post. The way the shoes would be used by children in those age groups and their general habits define the essential features of these shoes.

If you are shopping for tennis shoes you might want to check what is available in the market for boys.


Here is a list of choices you need to focus on.

  • Size.

Infants shoes start with size .5 which is equal to three and a quarter inches, which increase by a quarter inch or so for every .5 increase in size till size 5. This last pair of shoes is four and three-fourth of an inch in size.

The kid’s category begins with size 5.5, which represents shoes that are about 5 inches long. The last size in this category is 12 which represents shoes that are seven and one-eighth inches long.

Youth tennis shoes start from size 12.5. The length of these shoes is seven and one-fourth of an inch. The size numbers, however, change in this classification.

After 13.5 sizes, i.e., seven and five-eighths inches, the numbers restart from 1 and progress to number 7 with .5 increment. The last pair of shoes in this category is size 7 which represents a length of 9 and three-fourth of an inch.

  • Design and Material  boys tennis shoes,footwear

While there is no difference in tennis shoes for boys and girls under infants and kids categories, the differentiation begins in these tennis shoes under youth category. 

This is because there are anatomical differences in boys’ and girls’ feet. Girls’ feet would be narrower at heel end, unlike the feet of boys.

Similarly, toe boxes in the case of women would become oval shaped unlike the square shaped toe boxes in tennis shoes for boys and men’s.  Midsole support is another feature in tennis shoes designed for women and girls.

           There are some differences in tennis shoes for boys and men’s  as well. For example, the shoes for boys would be easy to            put on and pull off because children can’t be very patient in wearing shoes like adults.

The laces added are elastic laces, and Velcro strap is often included for giving that snug fitting which adults achieve by pulling the laces.

Similarly, outsole does not have marking as boys tennis shoes end up being used for more than just tennis. It may also be made from rubber compounds for improving durability as well as traction.

Colors  boys tennis shoes,foot wear

Children including boys tend to wear colorful footwear. Colors such as solar red, night metallic, lime, pink, green etc., can be found in these tennis shoes for boys apart from traditional black and white tennis shoes.


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Quality and technologies

There are no compromises in technologies being incorporated in boys sneakers or boys athletic shoes and tennis shoes for men, women, or girls. Different technologies are used in different types of shoes.

While selecting a pair of boys tennis shoes for, it would be better to purchase shoes from a line that is available for men’s shoes as well.

For example, Adidas has Barricade line of shoes. Such care while purchasing tennis shoes for boys ensures that transition from boys tennis shoes to men’s tennis shoes is easier.

Likewise, care should be taken while selecting shoes that are right for the boy’s game, rather than opting for the most or least expensive of those tennis shoes.Quality and comfort should always come first

  • Conclusion:

Being comfortable in shoes is important for learning as well as playing tennis.  Selecting a pair of tennis shoes is not easy as the person who has to wear it realizes the discomfort while others will not realize it.

Children do not find it easy to express their problems with the shoes. Therefore, if a pair of tennis shoes purchased for them does not suit them later, it may be because they did not understand what they needed.

It is up to adults to purchase those shoes for boys when they can’t identify what is good for their game. Adults need to understand that tennis shoes are specially designed and can shape the way their boy is likely to play the game in future.

Buying any sneaker is not going to help. While children’s feet will grow over the years, resulting in previous shoes being wasted, investing in professionally designed tennis shoes is necessary for giving the child that edge in this game.

Hope my post will make purchasing boys tennis shoes easier for you if you have any questions, leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

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3 thoughts on “Top Tips When Buying Boys Tennis Shoes

  1. As a tennis player myself, I completely agree with the trainers’argument. I have played in my old trainers a few times and the difference when i played in my proper tennis trainers was just huge. You’re right saying that it an give you that cutting edge because it really can.

  2. Being someone who plays tennis a lot as a hobby, I can personally say that you really need to check out the perfect shoes for your game because it might interfere with your play and ultimately losing the game. I think that the kids/boys should always accompany their parents when buying shoes because they need to try and fit it and see if the shoe is perfect to play with.

    If you have a dad who already plays tennis, then for sure he will know that finding the right shoe when playing tennis is crucial because the design matters more unlike if you’re buying basketball shoes and just want to buy a specific brand by your favorite player. By all means go, but it takes a bit of research in buying your tennis shoe and people should understand that.

    Nice review! I’m glad someone is aware of this and I hope this raises awareness for people who are thinking of purchasing tennis shoes in the future.

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