Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ October 4, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 6 comments

Toe-tight shoes are very uncomfortable, especially in running or training. This leads to chafing and blisters on the feet. Runners believe that wide toe-box shoes enhance the efficiency of the run. Running shoes should be comfortable, if your toe and feet are constantly squeezed and rubbing during a jog, run, or a workout, this will be very uncomfortable and a

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Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ October 1, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 4 comments

Whether you are a marathoner, love running long distances, or even spend most of the day working while standing, all you need is comfortable shoes. Wearing thick-padded shoes that fit properly provides maximum foot comfort. If you want to keep your feet pain-free from blisters, here are the top cushioned running shoes that will make it a reality. These are

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Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Cross Training Shoes/ August 22, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 12 comments

Runners with high arches understand how difficult it can be to get a supportive and comfortable running shoe. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all shoe, the best running shoes for high arches will definitely have some striking similarities. For runners with high arches, some of the exclusive features to look out for in running shoes include top-notch cushioning and extra

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Best Long Distance Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ August 16, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 10 comments

High-mileage runners need something soft enough that is capable of providing cushioning against the unforgiving pavements. They also look for shoes that are firm as well as burly enough to handle long-distance running. At the same time, long-distance running shoes should be light enough to not make your feet tired easily as well as durable. Besides all of that, there

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Best Nike Running Shoes

Cross Training Shoes/ August 11, 2020/ Foot Wear/ 4 comments

Nike is one of the biggest names that we know in sports as well as sports footwear, they feature some of the most dominant and versatile running shoe ranges throughout the globe.  This global behemoth has been experimenting with running shoes to develop the best running shoes. They don’t stop there. They just go further and update their earlier designs

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